was raised during our 2014 event for American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Research


Over 350 Participants and 100+ Volunteers and hundreds of supporters gathered at FAIRWAY MARKET

under tents for the 15th Annual SPINODYSSEY!!!



Thank you to all of our teams, riders, volunteers,

sponsors and supporters!

Ryan F. Overcash, PhD

Duke University School of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology


Ryan Overcash, PhD is the researcher we picked to fund this year.  He is grateful to be a fully-funded by SpinOdyssey. It is a 3 year grant  for $163,500 that starts this July and runs through June, 2017. He is our third researcher from Duke.


Ryan Overcash's research summary:


“Identification of a Novel Target for Treating Breast Cancer Metastasis”

Breast cancer metastasis accounts for the vast majority of deaths attributable to this disease, and a better understanding of the molecular drivers of the metastatic process is critical in order to develop therapies that reduce breast cancer mortality.  Emerging evidence suggests that members of the Abl tyrosine kinase family of proteins, Abl1 and Abl2, play an important role in driving breast cancer progression and metastasis; and that specific targeting of Abl kinases may effectively impair the metastatic capability of breast cancer cells.  One of the primary objectives of my research is to elucidate the functional role of Abl kinases in mammary tumor progression and metastasis using unique genetically engineered mouse models that we have available in our laboratory.  Additionally, we will test the therapeutic efficacy of novel specific Abl kinase inhibitors to impair metastasis in pre-clinical models of breast cancer.  These studies will also investigate the mechanisms by which Abl kinases promote metastatic progression, in part through reciprocal interactions between breast cancer cells and other cell types in the tumor microenvironment that are critical for disease progression.  This exciting project has significant potential to improve our understanding of breast cancer metastasis and to lead to improved targeted therapies that will reduce patient mortality and increase survival.  I am honored and grateful for the fellowship support provided through SPINODYSSEY that makes this research possible.





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